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How many inbound enquiry calls does your business manage to convert into customers? On the face of it, the process should be simple. After all, a potential customer is already interested in your products or services – they picked up the phone to call you. The leap from enquiry call to sale shouldn’t be a big one, should it?

Unfortunately, many businesses do struggle to with turning incoming sales enquiries into business. Whether it’s an inexperienced member of staff handling the calls or a lack of understanding of the basics of phone etiquette, many factors can affect call conversion. In this post, we’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks to help you and your team get to grips with enquiry calls and turn more enquiries into sales.

Be enthusiastic

As we’ve previously explained, tone of voice plays a HUGE role in business calls. When a potential customer calls your business, it pays to be as enthusiastic, positive and encouraging as possible.

Answer calls with a friendly introduction, such as “Good morning, Sunshine Bakery, how may I help you?”. Rather than a curt “Hello”. This will eliminate any uncertainty on the caller’s part over whether they have dialled the right number and also make your business come across as friendly and professional.

Pay attention

In a rush to get off the phone, too many businesses fail to pick up on vital clues and cues. If a caller phones and asks whether your bakery caters for functions and you immediately reply with a no, without asking more questions, you risk coming across as unhelpful and inflexible. Try to gather as much information as possible before giving a negative response. It could be that the caller was only looking for a small batch of baked goods for their function which your business could have quite easily managed.

Make notes

Nobody likes to repeat themselves. Get into the habit of taking notes during every phone call to prevent this. Not only will the caller feel as though you are paying close attention to what they are saying, you will find it far easier to deals with follow up calls and emails if you have written notes of previous conversations.

Don’t reel off a script

It’s easy to fall into the robotic habit of ‘script speech’, especially if your business handles a large number of incoming calls every day. To tackle this, try not to limit your team to a set script or way of handling calls. This will encourage your team to listen more and pick up on those subtle cues that could lead to securing this, and many more, sales from the customer.

No more missed opportunities

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