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If you struggle with Monday motivation you’re not alone. For some people, Monday is the best day of the week and all that lies ahead is a week of possibilities. Others find overcoming the ‘Monday blues’ more of a challenge. No matter which camp you fall into, these motivational tips will help you get the most from your working week.

1. Set yourself up for success

By failing to prepare, you really are preparing to fail. If you want to get a head start on the working week, take the time to plan the tasks that you want to get done. It doesn’t matter whether you use a diary, notice board or Post-it note, just make sure your list is always within easy reach.

2. Track time

It’s all too easy to get sucked into one task and forget about everything else you had planned to get done. To stop this happening, set a time limit for any tasks that could suck up all your time and energy.

3. Be flexible

Give yourself (and your plans) a little wiggle room. After all, planning is important, but being flexible is too. If your plans are too inflexible then one small change could mean that your entire week is derailed.

4. Be kind to yourself

Be reasonable with your demands on yourself and don’t schedule too much for each day. By setting achievable goals without heaping on the pressure, you’re far more likely to be consistently productive throughout the week.

5. Know your priorities

At the beginning of the week it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The key to fighting back against workplace stress is to prioritise each task according to its urgency. Anything that must be completed during the first few days of the week should be marked as red (urgent). Tasks that can be left until mid or late week should be market as orange (important). Anything that can wait can be marked as green (to-do).

6. Connect with a mentor

If you run your own company, or have plans to start one soon, the support of a mentor is invaluable – especially when you’re lacking motivation. There are plenty of business resources available to help you find your perfect match, including MentorsMe.

 7. Reward yourself

Try to make sure that you set yourself a reward towards the end of the week. It should be something you can look forward to and can use as motivation to keep pushing through any tough times you may face. This could be something as simple as a long morning walk in the park or a Friday lunchtime sandwich from your favourite deli.

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