Talking on Phone

It’s no surprise that if you’re missing phone calls, you’re missing out on new business. But, did you know it also matters how you answer the phone?

Phone calls are still the most primary point of contact for businesses. Yes, we have Skype, email and live chat, but your phone is still the king! Make the right first impression, and you’ve got a better chance of closing that sale.

Need help? Keep reading for 10 top tips for answering business calls.

1. Answer quickly

First and foremost, don’t leave the caller hanging on the line. Ideally pick up on the third ring. This gives you and the customer time to prepare and doesn’t catch anyone off guard.

2. Positive greeting

Answer the phone with a smile and with a friendly positive greeting – this will come across in your tone. This sets the precedent for the rest of the call.

3. Introduce the company name

Before diving into the body of the conversation, give the name of your business. This puts the caller at ease – they’ve rang the right number (phew!).

4. Speak clearly and professionally

Once you’ve set the tone with the company name, continue in a professional manner. Avoid using slang or buzzwords and enunciate properly so there’s no confusion.

5. Ask to put someone on hold

If you need to put someone on hold, ask for their permission first. This is polite and is expected for business phone calls. When taking the person off hold you should remember to thank them for their patience.

6. Record accurate notes

When taking messages for somebody else, keep them as accurate as possible. If you can’t understand the caller or if there is something you can’t spell, ask them to repeat it or spell it out for you. If you can’t decipher your notes, nobody else can.

7. Try not to use speakerphone

When possible avoid putting someone on loud speaker. The caller may struggle to hear you, and your concentration could waver.

If you really need to use speakerphone, ask again for permission and introduce other people that are in on the call.

8. Positive closure

As well as a positive greeting, you should try to have a positive closure. ‘Have a good day’ or ‘thank you for calling’ are great ways to end a phone call. This leaves a positive impression when hanging up.

9. Clear voicemail message

If, for any reason, you cannot answer the phone, make sure you have a clear and concise voicemail message. Tell them exactly what information you need – the simpler the message the better.

10. Make sure you call back

If you miss a phone call, get back to them as soon as possible. If you said you’d ring back with more information, follow it up in a prompt fashion.

Need some help?

If you’re struggling to answer your business calls, Ava can help. As well as phone answering services, we also provide virtual assistant solutions, such as fax-to-email and mailbox management. This relieves you of administration hassle, and gives you more time to focus on your business. To see just how simple it can be, get in touch with us today.