In office-based businesses, receptionists play a pivotal role. Often the first port of call for clients, receptionists have the tough task of representing the company and forming new connections.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out as well as you’d hope. That’s why you need to look out for these 5 signs that your receptionist is losing you business…

1. Not making a good first impression

As the first point of contact for your business, it’s crucial that your receptionist makes the right first impression.

Whether it’s visitors, clients, employees or associates, the receptionist must make everyone feel welcome. As the main connection to the outside world, if they’re acting rude, standoffish and cold then you’re not sending out the right message.

Choose someone who represents the company positively – someone you trust to impress potential new customers.

2. Not noting down important information

If your receptionist is distracted, disconnected and disengaged, then you could be losing more business than you realise.

During phone calls, receptionists / assistants should be focused. After listening to the enquires, important information should be noted down. For example, contact details and the nature of the phone call.

If this information isn’t taken, then customers will feel neglected. Assistants should make every client feel valued and respected.

3. Not knowing the ins and outs

To make the best impression, receptionists should be able to answer questions about the company. And, at the very least, should be able to put the customer in contact with someone who can.

Receptionists who can’t answer the simplest of questions, aren’t delivering an accurate representation of the rest of the company. This means your business can’t reach its full potential.

So, pick a receptionist who is fully informed and happy to help.

4. Not responding to potential clients

If you have one receptionist, they can only answer one enquiry at a time. So, sometimes phone calls may go to voicemail. However, if your receptionist isn’t returning those calls promptly, or at all, then you might have a problem.

Equally, if your assistant is not on top of their email inbox, it can be bad for business. Every part of a company aims to be organised, but this is one area that relies heavily on good time-keeping and proper management.

5. Not acting in a professional manner

One major no-go for receptionists, is acting unprofessionally.

If your front of house is gossiping, texting or has poor punctuality, then it gives the impression they don’t take their role seriously. This also leaves a lasting bad taste for customers and could even potentially lose you customers.

Remember, receptionists are the front of the company, so it’s vital they act professionally. A positive, happy and confident team, will help you land more business.

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