Taking Business Call

Whether you’re cold calling, following up on a proposal or checking in on an existing client, business calls are incredibly important. Simply put, they can make or break your company. So, what can you do to improve your business calls. Stand up!

That’s right – standing for phone calls make all the difference. Did you know that the way you speak is more important that what you say? And by standing, you can improve your tone, and consequently your business calls?

Don’t believe us? Here’s why you should…

It improves how you feel

Sitting crouched over your desk all day has significant impact on how you feel and consequently on the results at the end of the day. That’s why you need to shake it out and mix things up. Taking breaks and walking around is one way. But, one easy step to instantly boost your mood is to answer your next phone call stood up.

You’ll feel confident and in control of the outcome in a standing position. This positivity can come across on the call. After all, an unhappy employee equals unhappy clients. That’s why it’s important to do all you can to improve your mood – positive phone calls will attract more business and boost sales.

And improves your posture

That hunched position isn’t just bad for your mood, it’s also bad for your posture. Cradling the phone on your shoulder or bent over your keyboard – either way it’s no way to spend 8 hours a day.

So, improve you posture by standing up straight. Open yourself up and fill your lungs with more oxygen – it will make you more relaxed and keep you calm. Elevating your head also helps your neck and shoulders supported. It lifts your eyes and your voice to invoke positive and self-assured feelings.

It even improves your phone manner

If you’re stood up, you conjure confidence and consequently become more natural in your phone manner. You’ll fall into a regular pattern of speech and feel comfortable chatting to clients.

You can also gesticulate – moving your hands or arms to express your point might seem silly, but it’s what you naturally do when you have a conversation. So, enjoy the flexibility of standing up and even more so enjoy the growing success of your business calls.

Not to mention your energy levels

So, it can improve your posture, happiness and your phone manner – but it doesn’t stop there! It’s easy for energy levels to dwindle sat in front of a computer screen. Employees can enter auto-pilot, becoming complacent with day-to-day activities. However, standing up can instantly boost your energy.

It’s simple really, if you feel sluggish this movement sparks a new lease of life into you. And, of course, if you’re more confident on the phone you’ll naturally be more energised next time you hear that phone ring.

Time to improve your business?

If you’re struggling to answer your business calls stood up or even sat down, Ava can help. With our phone answering services and virtual assistant solutions, we can give your business the boost it needs. Our services take the stress and hassle of administration off your plate, and ensure your business gives out the right message. Get in touch today to see just how easy we can make things for you.