Is your website generating enough leads? Your website’s main job, in most cases, is to create business. Whatever the industry, your website should generate a steady-flow of leads. It that’s not the case, there are a few simple strategies you can employ to turn the tide. Read on for 5 top tips.

1. Web design

Whether you’re a brick layer or a babysitter, your website has to look good. Websites often give potential customers their first impression of your business. Do you really want that first impression to be outdated, slow and poorly organised? Of course not. Investing in a good web designer, digital agency or even just a better platform could lead to a significant rise in enquiries.

2. Mobile friendly

Following on from the first point, your site should be mobile friendly too. This means it can be easily accessed on mobile devices, without impairing the speed, navigation, layout and overall user experience. In 2016, web browsing on smartphones and tablets overtook desktop browsing. They’re now the most common way people browse the web. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s going to put people off.

3. Call to action

Website visitors aren’t obedient little children, but it helps if you point them in the right direction. Every page of your website should have a path for visitors to follow, ending with a call to action. This is simply telling the customer what to do next. Whether it’s ordering a product, subscribing to a mailing list or – yes – getting in touch, it’s an essential part of your website for generating business.

4. Social media

If your site isn’t getting visitors, it can’t attract enquiries. Try to gain a following on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Use hashtags, follow relevant people or businesses and consider adverts. Once you have a decent following, posting updates with links to your site can lead to more visitors and eventually more enquiries.

5. Show what you can do

Your website is the perfect place to talk about yourself. Stress your unique selling points, talk about your services and say why customers should choose you. But that’s not enough sometimes. Why should a site visitor trust you and your business to do the job they need?

Case studies, images of your work or products and customer testimonials are great ways to reassure visitors. They show people what you can do, how well you can do it, and how satisfied this leaves your customers. Visitors are more likely to request a quote or use your services if they can see this kind of content.

Turning enquiries into customers

It’s one thing generating enquiries, but what about when the phone rings? At Ava, we provide professional telephone answering services that can give your business the edge. We impress your potential customers, while taking the administration workload off your desk. So, you’re free to do what you do best. Get in touch today to find out more.